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Our turn in the fire…

Our Franktown (Colorado) community has dodged a bullet — a cliched turn of phrase, but I’m sure that many of the homeowners out here to the north and east of the village center truly feel that way.  The “Burning Tree … Continue reading

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Running out of IPv4 addresses, but consumer gear’s not ready for IPv6!

Hot on the heels of our recent DSL upgrade experience comes this revelation about the state of consumer-grade network gear — DSL & cable modems, routers, etc. — As the world “runs out of” IPv4 (Internet) addresses, the stuff that … Continue reading

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“If It Ain’t Broke…” — concluded

More Steps to Upgrading My DSL Service Some folks won’t care, but just to bring this little saga to a conclusion for those of you who do… The beginning of this story was posted last Thursday evening, when indeed the … Continue reading

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“If It Ain’t Broke…”

Or How I Upgraded my DSL Service in 12 Not-So-Easy Steps [This is a rather long posting, and a bit geek-techie.  It’s an narrative of my experience with a DSL service upgrade, so I hope it has value for other … Continue reading

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