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Intro… I get asked to provide samples of my writing products, either my technical and business output or, especially now that I’m making forays into science fiction, my “other stuff.”  I post articles about a variety of things here on … Continue reading

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Answered: a GNU/Linux command options syntax question

My answer to another question, this time about GNU/Linux command-line options syntax: “Is a negative sign ‘-‘ used within Linux commands to enable or disable options?”

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Answered: “How long will it be until we run out of notes for classical music?”

Earlier this evening, I enjoyed preparing an answer to the question “How long will it be until we run out of combinations of notes for a classical music composition?” Back-of-the-envelope calculations can be interesting and fun, and you don’t … Continue reading

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Introducing “The Ben and Kaèly Chronicles” (with free sample)

Over the past year, I’ve started writing science fiction, spurred by the encouragement and friendship of a small community of Colorado-based pro authors. I’ve already got a couple of sci-fi works in-progress, one a solo effort of sort-of warm-up etudes, … Continue reading

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