Dixie & Lorin Ricker — Our background

Dixie and Lorin are natives of Oregon, and especially of the Wallowa country, born and raised in the shadow of the Wallowa Mountains and the ancient footsteps of the Old and Young Chiefs Joseph, Tu-e-ka-kas and Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kekt, of the Wallowa Nez Perce band.  Lorin grew up with horses, herding sheep and cattle, hunting and fishing, and trying to grow big enough to buck hay bales during the summer months, and somewhat notorious for the years of piano lessons he’d taken, known for wearing cowboy boots while playing Bach and Beethoven.  Dixie mostly went barefoot, even in the snow, and spent as much time as she could on her Grandma and Grandpa’s ranch.  As a little girl, she rode the big draft horses, and tried to ride her best-friend colt, Daisy, into her Grandma’s kitchen.

Lorin has an engineering (interdisciplinary) degree from Purdue (1974), and a masters degree in music composition from the University of Portland (1983) — those academics set him on a 35+ year career as a software engineer, developing and writing programs for business and database applications, realtime process control, and jail/prison management systems.  Dixie has an associate’s degree in interior design (1972), plus a year in elementary education curricula before joining Lorin in Indiana — we were married in June of 1972.

When we returned to Oregon from college, we settled in Portland, and in the course of the next couple of decades, raised our family there — two daughters, Mindy and Valinda, and our “adopted” daughters, Beáta (from Hungary), Yuriko and Yuko (Japan), and numerous foreign exchanges students.  When our youngest graduated high school and was off to college, we came to Colorado (1999), settling on 5 acres just east of Franktown.  Currently, our livestock consists of two Quarter Horse mares, three Aussie/Border Collie dogs, a herd of cats, a brace (or raft) of ducks, and a very noisy blue Indian ring-necked parakeet.

Lorin still enjoys and practices his the piano chops and a few other instruments — music remains a passion.  More composition remains for the future — he may have a couple of piano sonatas in him yet.  Dixie is an dedicated hand-crafter and quilter; she’s also a master beekeeper.  We ride and work with the horses and dogs as much as we can (we admire and practice the “whisperer” style of horse and dog training), and feed and clean up after the rest of the menagerie.  We enjoy cooking, hard work on our property maintenance and improvements, reading (American and Native American Indian history, military histories and biographies, music and arts, technology, business and personal development), writing (technical, motivational and training), and of course, Lorin still creates a bit of software — Ubuntu Linux and open source software have become our computing platform of choice.

After all those years in software and technology, plus raising a family, we became an independent associates and legal services broker with Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. in 2003, now know as LegalShield since 2011.

We have become very involved in Internet radio broadcasting, starting in October of 2007 with our first show, Get Your Life Back, on Castle Rock Radio, and following it in August of 2008 with Walking A Walk. In early 2011, we’re busy moving these shows to a new Internet radio station, MileHiRadio.com, where we’re not only show hosts, but assist in show production, engineering, sales and publications as well.

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  1. Kathryn Soler Beer ( Gilmore) says:

    I would like to get in touch with Dixie. I am Frances Babb, granddaughter. I just found a letter, that Dixie wrote to my granddaughter. It brought tears to my eyes.

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