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On public responsibility, accuracy and leadership

A few weeks ago, I was privileged to be elected as a voting delegate to the Colorado 18th Judicial District Republican Assembly, where the delegation selected the R-candidate for the district attorney race this fall.  I was pleased that the … Continue reading

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Max Mathews, electronic music pioneer: RIP

It’s been a tough year for some of my heroes… I’m at the age when those who were the teachers, mentors and leaders of my college days and young adulthood are themselves fading, passing away.  And thanks to the all-knowing, … Continue reading

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Ken Olsen, founder of DEC: RIP — A personal reflection

Unless you’re an old geek (graybeard) like me, this news might have escaped your notice:  Ken Olsen, founder of Digital Equipment Corporation (or DEC to all of us who knew and loved it), passed away this last Sunday, Feb. 6th, … Continue reading

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